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the mirror deceives me.

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Oct. 25th, 2010 | 04:35 pm
mood: depresseddepressed

apparently i look like i lost a tinsy bit of weight.but the scale,however,tells otherwise;a figure i'm not too fond of sharing,not even in here as an anonymous livejournal blogger.i am not paranoid,but being a plumpkin all the while i was in primary school makes weight and measurement a crucial part of my life.when asked how i managed to lose all those weights,well,one might argue, but bulimia and a bunch of recreational camps works pretty well.i either starve myself,puke the hell out or exercise until i blacked out of exhaustion.resulting in a very disturbing display of back bones and sharp edges of shoulder blades and the non-present of love handles.but a few years later,i became a thicker,not fat nor obese,but slightly unfortunately AVERAGE-er size.for some this is somewhat better,i mean think katy perry or scarlett jo but if you've been the skinniest you ever been,any weight above that is considered fat.

i might have to exercise,go through caffein and nicotine poisoning to get back to the golden days.but dear god,how i dread my ever so ugly body.

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