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a brush of danger that was entirely due to my stupidity and my reluctant to say NO.

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Sep. 30th, 2010 | 02:01 am
mood: scaredscared
music: the mars volta-copernicus

okay,never take a car ride from strangers.i mean NEVER EVER TAKE CAR RIDES FROM STRANGERS.though i managed to not get myself raped,but i did unfortunately had my fair share of "sex" talk from some ugly geezer that was old enough to be my dad,or probably older than that.fyi,when someone talks to you about sex without your consent,that is considered as a sexual offense regardless of no physical contact.

i will be cleansing myself with bleachers and antiseptic body wash as of this day and so forth, besides un-corrupting my mind by rewinding back to the golden age where i was so naive that i thought any sexual interaction was just a myth or something beyond my understanding,or an understanding i pretty much preferred.

IT IS SICK AND SAD TO KNOW THAT any glances i've collected from forty year old males are not as innocent as a father just looking at a girl that reminds him of his daughter(a silly theory i gathered from reading one too many father-daughter fictions),truth for the matter is,all they think about is sex besides sex if not sex and on top of that,SEX.

but i was stupid to even get myself tangled in such situation in the first place.if you know me at all,you know that i tend to attract creepy people(aging perverts,crazy people,stalker types) i meet at the streets,like almost on a regular basis,but i guess i should've known better than to interact with them.

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