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my head spins

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Nov. 1st, 2010 | 06:30 pm
mood: calmcalm

in the dizzy of this place.so hectic for a stable ground.so noisy for a quiet town.city is more adequate but the rustling and bustling of the people makes the standard falls for a level below.i am waiting for my boyfriend.for him to get here,it might be hours but i have my notebook with me.so waiting means downloading a few dozen albums i swore to listen to,reblogging in tumblr if not mindlessly tuning in youtube for female fronted bands i subscribed to as a fanatic stalker.i did a caveman's mistake by not informing him that today's date was on and have him  to call me stating an hour delay.i would've been angry.like i would to any old ex.but for him,i'd bite my tongue.bit it hard until i am numb.i am not upset.i have no reason to.i love waiting.no,i am not being sarcastic.i've been waiting all my life.this activity somehow defines me and my whole mundane existence.for instant ,while my sisters were born in the eighties,i had to wait until the nineties to be released by the umbilical cords.while everyone knew exactly where to go after highschool,i had to wait a year to fiogure things out,and of course,i spent most of my youth waiting for dad in the hospital.maybe i am,and always will be,waiting,

i don't make sense.the caffein is poisoning my system.it's not a good idea to have a cup of white coffee on an empty stomach.

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